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Structure design of the world's largest single SCR reactor in Huaneng Laiwu power plant

       Huaneng Laiwu power plant belonging to Huaneng Shandong Power Generation Co. Ltd., this project has a total of two units, 6 units and 7 units, of which 6 unit of Huaneng Laiwu power plant using two reheat technology today, is the world's first supercritical two RE heat motor group, Shandong province is also the first completed synchronization million ultra clean coal-fired power plant emissions.
     Qingdao Fu Xiao and Harbin boiler plant design of the project of the SCR reactor, the reactor is 100W, is the world's largest single SCR reactor. Qingdao Fu Xiao in the design process to overcome a number of technical problems, the successful completion of the project design, the current SCR reactor runs well.


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